Need a Quick Start?

Choose from our many easy to use Extended Business Solutions. Unlike other out of the box solutions which don’t take into account different legislative, industry and regional requirements, FlowCentric are cognisant of this and have made provision for easy, affordable customisation.

Create Your Own Solutions

Smart process applications are designed to help shareholders and their corporations improve the effectiveness of their human-centric business activities. Build your own applications; manage structured and ad hoc activities with FlowCentric Processware.

Integrate Successfully

Extend ROI on existing systems. Integrate disparate business applications and databases with one single user interface, decreasing training and change management requirements as well as maintenance. FlowCentric Processware has integrated successfully into several systems.

Some News

  • Does CIO stand for ‘Career Is Over’? - There is much debate over the future of the CIO role - one thing is clear - the traditional role of the CIO as senior IT specialist is over. Read more...
  • Manage Governance For Value, Not Just Compliance - Event: 9th June 2015, RSA. The true value of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) lies in managing uncertainties and leveraging the opportunities that arise from a rapidly changing business environment. Attend this event and find out how YOU can use GRC to your advantage! Read More...
  • Customer and Partner Event 2014 - FlowCentric Technologies held their annual Customer and Partner Event on Thursday 27 November 2014 in South Africa. Find out more about the event here...