Navigation Framework

Both custom and commercial applications need a navigation framework. Processware provides this framework out of the box, including login screens, worklists, dashboards, and a menu structure that provides easy access to processes.

  • Consistent navigation framework

    Processware ensures consistent screen design from start to finish, as the navigation framework guides your development team to create great-looking business applications.

  • Design once – run many

    Processware’s engine supports many different clients (HTML5, Outlook, SharePoint, iOS and Android). Developers don’t have to design screens for each platform or form factor. The design once, run many mechanism means that a screen built for a desktop browser will also run on the other clients.

  • Security considerations

    The navigation framework is security aware. This means that users can only see the items they are allowed to access.

User Navigation

Modern users are coming to expect a more personalised experience when they interact with digital systems. Displaying only the data that is relevant to a user streamlines their experience and keeps sensitive business data secure.

  • Standardise your business

    Professional, consistent multilingual screens standardise the user experience across departments and regions.

  • Reduce Training

    With intuitive and consistent screen designs, new staff can get up to speed quickly and be productive in minimum time.

  • Expand Your Mobile Strategy

    Users can access their process screens through desktop, tablet and mobile navigators. The ability to access processes on the go helps promote shorter turnaround times and more efficient service.

Security Framework

Authentication is the act of verifying the identity of a user, normally done with a user name and password combination. Processware supports both Windows Authentication and a Form-Based Authentication Model.

  • Windows Authentication

    Users don’t need to remember another password, they simply need to sign on to their computers and they will have access to their process dashboard.

  • Form-Based Authentication

    External users, such as contractors or clients, can use the system securely, without being added to the Windows Authentication system.

Integrated Search Engine

Developing fast, simple search screens is not easy, especially when the data fields differ from one process to the next. Processware’s search engine automatically searches across all data fields, which means that your developers can rest easy knowing that process will be found even when they add new fields.

  • Consistent search interface

    Processware’s search screens are simple to use and fast, which makes finding data easy, saves time and reduces user frustration.

  • Find archived data easily

    Processware’s digital archiving allows users to find archived data quickly and easily.

Notification, Routing and Escalation Engine

The Notification, Escalation and Routing Engine is built into the system. Developers don’t need to concern themselves with this code and can concentrate on developing processes. Even if no provision was made for these features in the original process design, it is easy to simply configure these features later, and then deploy a new version of the process.

  • Notifications tell you when you have new tasks

    When a task is allocated to a user, the system automatically sends an email and/or an SMS notification to the user, informing them of the work item.

  • Keep the process moving by routing work to peers

    Routing ensures that when users are out of the office, a task does not remain dormant, but can be routed to a peer for immediate attention.

  • Make sure work gets done using escalations

    Escalations can be set up to periodically resend notifications until the task is completed, or to send an escalation of the task to the user’s supervisor. This functionality ensures that tasks are attended to within required times.