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This system has enabled us to alleviate the need for paper based process control. We have seen an improvement in the productivity of staff and accuracy of work. Improvements in time saving where documents no longer need to be photocopied and manually delivered. Savings in paper storage, retention and access. Faster turnaround times for improved service delivery. Mobile access to process and quality inspections. Accurate reporting of process statistics at any time.

RaymondBidvest Prestige Group

We have embarked on a document delivery mechanism, as well as automating the majority of our internal processes and tasks which we were, to date, unable to do due to the specialised nature of the cellular industry. With the FlowCentric Processware system we are constantly discovering new ways to not only automate processes thus dramatically increasing productivity, but we are enabling our business partners with resources never before experienced, taking our business from strength to strength.

ShaunDirector - Vodacom 4U & Chatz Connect

“FlowCentric is a trusted service provider to the Ask Afrika Group.  We consider FlowCentric a preferred supplier and have been utilising their products and services since October 2009.”

AnnelizeOperations Executive Ask Afrika
Lyndsay Cotton

LCP Roofing’s accounting systems have been upgraded and a bespoke business process management and workflow automation process was custom designed by FlowCentric Technologies for the company’s unique requirements. The job file management process has been implemented and the job scheduler, where all scheduling populates to an online calendar, is being tested. The entire project can be tracked by all employees and specific time-based reports and notifications are sent to our clients at all the project milestones.

Lyndsay CottonGeneral Manager - LCP RoofingLCP Roofing