Collaborate Course

Objective of the Course

The objective of the course is to demonstrate the power of Collaborate, coupled with the designing of processes for use within Processware. This course will provide the audience with the tools and knowledge with the use of Collaborate, to design easily managed Processes for every type of project that is being designed.

The creation of a FlowCentric Process Model includes capturing all high-level properties and defining all required measures, using the simple Web Author tool. Designing of Activities (Web Pages) including adding controls and setting relevant properties, will be covered. Upon completion, a Functional Specification Document can be generated, containing every aspect of what was captured. The processes can then also be converted into Processware Deployment Packages in order for them to be deployed to an Activity Server for scripting purposes.

Course Scope:

  • FlowCentric Process Model Creation
  • Project-level and Process-level Properties and actions
  • Designing an entire process with Screens and Controls
  • Generating the Functional Specification Document
  • Creating the Processware Deployment Package for Processes

Course Pre-Requisites

  • Familiarity with the concepts of BPM and BPMN diagramming.
  • Descent business knowledge.
  • Basic understanding of Workflows.
  • An understanding of organisational structures.
  • Understanding of development concepts like web pages and controls.
  • Prior development/design experience within Processware is advantageous.